Academic Lineage

If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants – Sir Isaac Newton

As anyone who has gone through graduate school knows, it is hard to understate the impact of graduate mentors.  In this spirit, our lab has decided to post our academic lineage to acknowledge all of those who trained us, and mentored our mentors.

8th Generation
Michael R. Nadorff, Ph.D. (pictured with Danielle K. Nadorff, Ph.D.)

BA: University of Notre Dame, 2007
MS: West Virginia University, 2009
PhD: West Virginia University, 2012

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Mississippi State University
7th Generation
Amy Fiske, Ph.D.

AB: Stanford University, 1980
MA: San Francisco State University, 1993
PhD: University of Southern California, 2002

Associate Professor of Psychology, West Virginia University

6th Generation

Margaret Gatz, Ph.D.

PhD: Duke University, 1972

Professor of Psychology, Gerontology and Preventive Medicine
University of Southern California

5th Generation
Michael Wallach, Ph.D.

BA: Swarthmore College, 1954
PhD: Harvard University, 1958

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University

4th Generation
Jerome Bruner, Ph.D.

BA: Duke University, 1933
PhD: Harvard University, 1941

Research Professor of Psychology
New York University

3rd Generation
Gordon Allport, Ph.D.

AB: Harvard University, 1919
PhD: Harvard University, 1921

Longtime faculty member at Harvard University
Father of personality psychology

2nd Generation
Hugo Münsterberg, Ph.D.

PhD: University of Leipzig, 1883

Former Professor of Psychology at Harvard University
Pioneer in applied psychology

1st Generation
Wilhelm Wundt, M.D.

MD: University of Heidelberg, 1856

Former professor at the University of Leipzig
Father of experimental psychology