December 2017 Commencement

Dr. Shea Golding and Dr. Michael Nadorff after Dr. Golding walked in MSU’s December graduation.






Dr. Shea Golding’s Dissertation Defense

From the left, Mitch Berman, Ph.D., Michael Nadorff, Ph.D., Julie Cerel, Ph.D. (pictured), Shea Golding, Ph.D., Sam Winer, Ph.D.



AAS 2016

Kat Speed, M.S. and Michael Nadorff, Ph.D. serving on a panel for the student division.




Nathan Barclay, B.S., and Caitlin Titus, M.S. presenting a poster.  Nathan was an undergraduate member of our lab, but now is in our Ph.D. program working with Mitch Berman, Ph.D.



Kat Speed, M.S. with Shea Golding, Ph.D., our lab’s first graduate.  Shea had her M.S. at the time, but I am upgrading her degree since she has more than earned it since :).





Bailey Brotherton, B.S., a former undergraduate member of our lab, presenting on her poster at AAS.






Michael Nadorff, Ph.D. with Amy Fiske, Ph.D.  Dr. Fiske was Dr. Nadorff’s graduate mentor at West Virginia University.






Our team after presenting a symposium on longitudinal predictors of suicide at AAS 2016.  From the left Caitlin Titus, M.S., Michael Nadorff, Ph.D., Chris Drapeau, Ph.D., Kat Speed, M.S., Katie Peterson, M.S., and Patricia Cartwright, M.S.


AAS 2015

Katrina Speed, B.A. presenting her poster at AAS 2015 shortly before joining our lab.




Katrina Speed, B.A. and Shea Golding, M.S. in the poster hall at AAS 2015.