MSU Clinical Psychology 2021 Interview

Welcome to our MSU interview weekend video page. Below you can find the video introductions for several of our labs and mentors. I will be adding to them as I receive videos from our faculty, so please check back soon!

DCT Introduction to the Clinical Psychology Program

Psychology Clinic Tour with Dr. Stafford

Dr. Mitch Berman Introduction to Department

Dr. Hilary DeShong Introduction

Dr. Mary Dozier Introduction

Dr. Mary Dozier Lab Tour

Dr. Cliff McKinney Introduction

Dr. Cliff McKinney Lab Video

Dr. Robert McMillen Introduction

Dr. Danielle Nadorff Introduction

Dr. Michael Nadorff Brief Introduction (for those not applying to lab)

Dr. Michael Nadorff Long Lab Introduction (for those applying to lab)

Dr. Michael Nadorff Lab Tour

Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair Introduction video

Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair Lab Tour

Dr. Kevin Armstrong and Lab Introduction

Dr. E. Samuel Winer Lab Introduction